Black Friday 2020

Black Friday 2020

Helping You Prepare for Black Friday


This week kicks off the holiday shopping season and not only does this mean increased transaction activity, but unfortunately increased fraudulent activity as well. As your credit union, we care about keeping you and your money safe. Therefore, we have compiled this list of important reminders and timely tips to help you keep your finances and personal information in check this season.


  • Your Credit Union Account/Card Activity: Frequently check your credit union account activity via online banking/telephone banking, double check your purchases, and hold onto your receipts for a reasonable amount of time. Birmingham Bloomfield Credit Union’s Mobile App is a convenient way for you to keep an eye on your account. The “Manage My Cards” feature in the app allows you to monitor your card use by setting up purchase alerts, temporarily turn on/off your card etc.  Helpful Tip: Do not use public WiFi when accessing your online banking account because it is not a secure connection to the internet.  


  • Social Media Ads: Beware of the Black Friday ads on Social Media “Hurry! Limited Time Offers” that appear to be amazing deals, but in reality many of these so-called companies are not legitimate. Beware of ‘free trials’ or ‘only pay for shipping’ because you may unknowingly be signing up for a monthly subscription that is very difficult to cancel. Helpful Tip: Keep this old adage top of mind: “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.” Be sure to research companies before making any online purchases.


  • Suspicious Emails: Be wary of any emails in your inbox that may appear to be from USPS, UPS or Amazon that ask you to click on a link to check the status of a delivery. Fake emails will be vague in detail and often contain spelling errors. Helpful Tip: Log in directly to your Amazon account (for example) to check the status of any purchases.


  • Fraudulent Phone Calls: If you receive a phone call from someone saying they are calling from the Fraud Department for your Credit Card/Debit Card, please be aware that they should NOT ask for your card number. If you are asked to provide your card number, hang up immediately. Helpful Tip: If you receive a call and you are unsure if it was legitimate, please call the credit union directly to inquire.


  • Gift Cards: When purchasing gift cards, take a minute to check the card to ensure it is intact and the packaging has not been subject to tampering ie) the code on the back of the card has not been scratched off. Helpful Tip: The credit union offers pre-paid VISA Gift Cards that can be loaded with a minimum of $10 up to a maximum of $1,000. The gift card is more secure than cash and is a convenient way to provide funds as a gift.


To read more about common/new scams, visit the Federal Trade Commission website page Avoiding & Reporting Scams