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FAQ's Bill Pay Upgrade

Q: When will the new Bill Pay system be implemented?

A: The new Bill Pay system will be implemented August 1, 2019.


Q: What happens on August 1st?

A: The new Bill Pay system will be implemented and users will need to re-enroll in the Bill Pay system and re-add all of your payees’ information.


Q: Can I enroll in the new Bill Pay before August 1st?

A: No. Enrollment in the new Bill Pay system begins August 1st.


Q: Can I enroll in the new Bill Pay after August 1st?

A: Yes. Users can enroll beginning August 1st or later. They will want to enroll as soon as possible, at least a few days before their first bill(s) are due in August.


Q: What do I do before the conversion on August 1st?

A: There are two main tasks you need to do to prepare for the conversion.

First, before July 30th, log into the current Bill Pay system and print a copy, or take screen shots, and/or write down your entire payees list found in the “PAYEES” tab.

Second, you need to find your most recent bills and keep them handy. You will the full account information (name, account number, address) found on your bills in order to add their information to the new Bill Pay system starting August 1st. (NOTE: Only the last four digits of your payees’ account numbers are displayed in the current bill pay system so you need your recent bills that contain all of the information)


Q: Will my Payees’ information and Bill Pay history automatically be converted over to the new system?

A: No. If you would like to keep your payees’ information and pay history you need to either print it or take screen shots before July 30, 2019.


Q: How do I “Re-enroll” in the new Bill Pay system?

A: The following steps are required to enroll in Bill Pay:

1.    Log into your ItsMe247 online banking account.

2.    Select the “Pay & Transfer” tab and select “Enroll in Bill Pay.”

3.    Check the email address that is displayed and confirm it is correct.

4.    Select the account you would like to set as your primary account for paying bills and then select “NEXT” button to complete the enrollment process.

5.    Read the Terms and Conditions, and if you accept the terms, select “Accept.”

6.    Congratulations, you are now enrolled in the Bill Pay program.

Q: How do I “Add A Payee” in the new Bill Pay system?

A: The following steps are required to Add a Payee in Bill Pay:

1.    GATHER INFORMATION. Find your most recent bills. You will need the account information (the full name, full account number, & the full address) found on your bills to set up a new payee.

2.    Begin by typing in an individual, business or organization name. If a list appears with your payee’s name, the payee is already in the bill pay system and you can select it from the list.

3.    After you have selected the correct payee, select the “Continue” button

4.    Next, you will see a page where you will enter the following the Payee Information:

·         Enter the full Payee Account Number (should be 9 – 10 digits with no spaces or dashes)

·         Re-enter the full Payee Account Number. This is to ensure accuracy by making sure the account numbers match.

·         Enter the Zip Code.

·         OPTIONAL: You may enter the Payee’s nickname, email address, and phone number. Adding this information is optional.

5.    After you have entered your Payee’s information, select “Continue”

6.    To the right of the screen, suggested addresses will be displayed. Select the address that matches your most recent statement. If none of the suggested addresses match, please choose “No Matching Address” and select “Continue”

7.    To add another Payee, select the “Add Payee” button and repeat the same step-by-step process.  


Q: What if my payee doesn’t show up in the suggested list?

A: If your payee is not in the system, you can still set up your payee and check payments will be sent by mail. Just type in the name and click continue.


Q: Can I pay multiple bills?

A: Yes. Select the “Pay Multiple Bills” button.


Q: How do I schedule payments?

A: Select a payee, on the far right of the screen under the Options heading, select the down arrow. The area will expand to show “Payment Frequency” where you will have the ability to select payment frequency, notifications etc.


Q: What are the benefits of upgrading Bill Pay?


·         The new system will be more user-friendly & easier to access as it will be fully integrated into ItsMe247.


·         Payments will be processed faster and delivered accurately. This system uses more electronic payments than the current system, which is an upgrade because all electronic payments will be delivered the next business day.


·         It will be integrated into a new Mobile App that will be released August 1st.


Q: I have two accounts with the credit union and I use Bill Pay on each account. Will I have to enroll twice?


·         Yes, you will need to enroll Bill Pay on each account you have with the credit union (if you want to continue to use Bill Pay with multiple accounts).


Q: Why can’t the credit union automatically enroll me?


·         For your security, only you can log in and access the Bill Pay system. If you need help, you are welcome to come into either branch and use our kiosk. We will have staff available to walk you through the set-up process starting August 1st and thereafter.


Q: Is there a Step-By-Step Guide?

A: Yes. Download the PDF here https://bbcu.org/pdfs/BBCU-Bill-Pay-Upgrade-Instructions.pdf