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Skip Your January 2019 Loan Payment(s)*

Do you have a BBCU VISA Credit Card, Auto Loan, Recreational/Motorcycle/Boat Loan or Signature Loan? As a member in good standing with all your loans current, you may choose to skip your January 2019 loan payment(s)*.


You may choose to submit your skip-a-payment form in one of the following ways:

  • Mail your skip-a-payment form to: 576 E. Lincoln St., Birmingham, MI 48009.
  • Fax your skip-a-payment form to: 248-647-9239.
  • Complete your skip-a-payment form in person at either the Birmingham or the Waterford office.

Please submit your skip-a-payment form a minimum of 5 days before the payment you wish to skip is due.

*Please note there is a nominal fee for participating in the skip-a-payment program. Only two loan payments may be skipped per year. If you already skipped two payments this year (January, July, August 2018) you may ONLY skip your January 2019 payment at this time. Auto Loan GAP coverage may be affected. Please refer to your GAP documents for additional details.